Puba is one of brainy1130's two main stars. His best friend, Rexy, is ironically the other star. Puba's childhood is unknown, but it was confirmed that his father is Puff, who is the brother of one of Puba's enemies, Cracker Jack. Puba has lots of roomates in his giant house in the sky: Rexy, Piggy, Ducky, Manny, Guido, and Kernal Bob. Puba is known for being a little lamer than Rexy, but just as crazily fun.

Puba started his career as a star in late 2010, when Brian (creator of brainy1130) put him in a short video, Roadkill. The first offical YouTube video with Puba is the pilot episode of his series, Rexy and Puba: Baboon Pranking. Rexy and Puba are the first brainy1130 YouTube characters to have their own series, besides Darth Vader from Darth Vader's Anger Issues. Puba's life since then has been all about weird adventures. Puba has also been the main star, along with Rexy, in Rexy and Puba the Movie.